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Searchedterms.com Moved to Wordpress

Everyone visiting this page ,would like to let you know that i have made the switch to Wordpress and have strarted updating my blog regularly.I am loving the new look and platform so hope you like it too,You can visit me at http://www.Searchedterms.com .


Monetize your blog with Shareasale.com

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Monetizing your blog with Shareasale.com is easy ,a couple of weeks back i signed with shareasale for a client of mine and was impressed with the ease of use and the commission payout.Some of the advertisers pay $500 while others pay 100%.
You can have your choice of affiliates to choose from,its a easy interface and it takes a day or two to get approved .You can also compare affiliates to see which rank better,Here are some easy steps on how to setup .
Payment policies - Shareashale offers a minimum payout of $50 and it is sent via check,they do not offer paypal for now.Reporting structure is good and there are no fees to join.Have fun!

Step 1

Sign-up as an Affliate at

Step 2

Search the Merchant List and look for products and sites that would relate well to the theme and subject matter you usually blog about.

Step 3 Apply for affiliate status with those merchants. Most Shareasale merchants will approve you automatically.

Step 4

Post banners/buttons and text links on your blog advertising the merchants you have been accepted by.

Step 5
Try to work links to your affiliate merchants sites into the body of your blog posts. For example if you're writing about Software or business mention the great hotel you stayed at in San Francisco and link to the travel site from the word "Business".

Step 6
Remember to go back to Shareasale and search for appropriate merchants to link to everytime you post new info on your blog. You can casually work them into the text body or if you have personal experience with the products you could recommend them in a testimonial type blogpost

Hope this helps ,happy money making.

Free Press release websites your free PR

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Press releases "PR" has always played a very important part of online marketing,most of us have used it whenever we have a new product release,product launch or a new feature release to help with traction in our business.Paid Press Releases are expensive and at these tough times where every dollar spent is accounted for small business's and individual entrepreneurs always look for cost effective means to promote their business using Blogs,forums,twitter,facebook,free PR etc.

Some of you would have tried some free press release websites and would have got some response as well,but i would like to share with you some of the Top Free Press release services which the Top internet marketers use for their product launches,this has been tried and tested to be the most effective free PR websites and also SEO optimized.So go ahead submit your free PR article.

Tell me your feedback,would like to hear it.

Holiday Shopping on Ebay up 3 times

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This year holiday shopping was up 3 times on ebay ,more people shopped using their cellphones.An estimate of 1.5 million worth of products was bought using cellphones,three times the number for the same period last year.This time frame is calculated between thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
EBay had said that mobile purchases included a 1996 Chevrolet Corvette which was sold for $75,000 and a 23 foot boat which sold for $19,108.People also purchased mobile phones,watches and other gift items during the holiday.Counting both mobile and online purchases,eBay users bought more that 500,000 Zhi Zhu pets robotic hamsters.

Ebay which is based in San jose,Californai said that nealy 6 million people have insatlled the various ebay applications on their iPhones and people use mobile apps to visit their site more than 2 million times on an average every day.eBay iphone application was realsed in 2008 and its mobile web site was realeased in 2007.For the entire year of 2009 a total of more than $500 million dollars worth of transactions happened on cellphones.M commerce has definately taken a step ahead,2010 will be a bigger.

Wikipedia Running Ad's against their no Ad policy?

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Wikipedia runs Ad's on their website did you know that? well they do sometime back they had a no-Ad policy but well time's have changed.What do you think would have impacted this change economy,recession or a change in the board .There is speculation that its the third with the New person on the advisory board who is he? Craig Newmark one of the founder's of Craig'slist.

Read more on this at TechCrunch a very interesting change at Wikipedia,with Ad's wikipedia can make over $100 Million .

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